Sep 24

The Most Romantic Honeymoon Places

Honeymoon Special is the moment where you and your partner initiating measures preclude life. It is a moment of time in which you both start to mutually open up and get ready to live life together with the companion of your life. Reasonable if then lots of couples who want a honeymoon event into a special event.

Here we present a list of the most romantic honeymoon places in the world. If you and your partner have the time and the more funds, it’s worth to visit the site that we provide below to create moments that are unforgettable.

1. The city of Venice, the magical water


Spend time at the top of the gondola along Venice while conversing with your spouse is a very romantic moment. Indeed, it is ideal for honeymooners. Most of the city was inundated, making you have to ride the gondola to roam from one place to another. Do not miss also the main tourist places that became the hallmark of this city, such as Piazza San Marco, the heart of the city, and the Ponte dell ‘ Accademia (a picturesque bridge on the Grand Canal).

If you feel tired, you can rest in the cafe that is located in the small alleys while enjoying typical dishes of Italy accompanied by a cup of warm cappuccino will taste sweeter with a smile which was presented by your partner.

2. In Paris, the most romantic city in the world

Eiffel Tower

Paris is often called the “city of light” are considered the most romantic place in the world. In this city you can enjoy drinking cafe au lait in the bistro located in the streets, doing a little window shopping along the Champs Elysees, and visit the Basilica Sacre-Coeur to enjoy views of the city. Of course, then you should visit the Eiffel Tower, the place that became an icon of compassion in the world.

Honeymooning in Paris also means enjoying Europe’s culture and the arts, can you do at the Centre Pompidou and watched various works in the Louvre museum. In the morning, you can walk along the Seine (the river that cuts Paris) and admire the variety of beautiful scenery along the left and right side of the river. Try to relax at the Pont Neuf (the oldest bridge in Paris) and round off your evening with a visit one of the famous jazz club in Paris.

3. New York City, “the Big Apple”, alternative honeymoon the best modern style


There are places that countless very romantic in New York City. You could do a picnic in Central Park, strolling around The Cloisters museum, or take a romantic dinner at a romantic restaurant in the West Village area. There is also a famous tourist tour such as the Times Square visit. If you like shopping, you can do it in an area of shops along the streets of Soho or relax in the skyscrapers in Bryant Park. Try also to travel from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the Brooklyn Bridge (you can stop at Grimaldi to enjoy the delights of his famous pizza), and then enjoy stunning city views from the balcony of the hotel where the two of you stay.

4. Rome, romantic city from the Renaissance era


You can spend your honeymoon days to admire the majestic monuments such as the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. The atmosphere in Florence is very pronounced “Renaissance”, where you will be surrounded by the works of great artists such as Michelangelo and Botticelli, at the time when the arts European continent being reached its peak.

You can also visit some of the famous fountains in the city at night. If the Trevi Fountain is too crowded, you can go to Piazza Navona to visit a fountain that supposedly could grant your wish if throw coins into it.

5. Barcelona, a city that is full of picturesque old buildings


Even if you’re not to understand the architectural Marvel, you see the surreal design of Antoni Gaudi in old buildings can be found all over Barcelona. The most amazing example is the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, for over 40 years. After satisfied don’t forget to roam around the cool shops and cafes in Las Ramblas, one of the most most places of Barcelona.

Try to go to a flamenco dance (one of the most famous Flamenco Tablao Cordobes) and then rehearse some of this wonderful dance moves along with your partner.

6. Honolulu,  exotic of small island


Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches where you can watch the sunset views very riveting. With a honeymoon in Honolulu and you will find both of these things, coupled with a lively nightlife and restaurants and delicious you would expect from any major city. The two of you can spend the afternoon shopping clothes, souvenirs, and jewelry; then stop by to enjoy the beautiful Waikiki Beach. For couples who like adventure, you can both try to climb the Summit of Diamond Head, a volcanic crater which is very big and beautiful.

7. San Francisco, honeymoon in metropolitan city

San Francisco

Honeymoon in San Francisco means enjoying the luxury and lifestyle of one of the world’s largest metropolis. This location is suitable for those who like to be in the middle of the crowd, spent the afternoon eating an Oyster dish at Fisherman’s Wharf or shopping for souvenirs on Union Street. If not, you can go to Inspiration Point in the Presidio to see views and enjoy very romantic sunsets on San Francisco Bay.

You can also visit Muir Woods, a forest that was romantic which is located a little outside the city. Trip driving from Muir Woods back to San Francisco will give you the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge a very pretentious.

8. Bali the amazing island


The most romantic sights in Indonesia it does offer a lot of things, ranging from the charming Beach beauty to a very Southeast Asian exoticism.

Bali is a honeymoon destination that should be visited by any married couples in Indonesia. If you don’t have time to do this while newly married, try to visit him in special moments, such as a wedding anniversary. Guaranteed, you’ll marvel with the beauty of the island of the gods.

9. Vienna (Austria), classical music and the beauty of the city in the land of fairy tales


The capital of Austria is actually the town proper to do the romantic streets. Major roads that connected in the form of a ring, and there are many small shops and cafes that you can find along the way. Your trip will also always accompanied by a street musician playing a variety of instruments such as violins, guitars, and more.

The city’s buildings have a classic style that makes you really feel traveling to the land of fairy tales. While walking, don’t forget to try the traditional Weiner schnitzel, food that is made from thin slices of veal which are breaded and fried dry. To close a wonderful day, you can go to a classical music orchestra and overnight at the hotel romantic, medieval-style could be found easily throughout the city.

10. London (United Kingdom), a suitable place for cultural tourism


London is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to experience the beauty of European culture with the convenience of a State language, United Kingdom. There are many romantic places you can visit, for example, is the museum of the city (especially the museum Victoria & Albert and Tate Modern that stores many historical relics), or you can watch performances of the play “Romeo and Juliet” in Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. The venue held theater located in open spaces, so you can enjoy one of the most romantic love story in the world under the expanse of stars, along with the accompanying loved ones. After that, and both of you can sit on a bench along the River Thames and enjoy the beauty of being a newlywed.