Oct 23

The River So Symbol of Love

Taiwan has Love River

Taiwan has Love River. Many traveler couples who enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the banks of the river.

The river length is about 12 km and empties into the Taiwan Strait. Love River splits Kaohsiung City, from Renwu District until it ends at Kaohsiung Port.

Behind her loving name, there is a tragic story that envelopes. Reportedly, once the river was Takao. But in the late 1940s, the name of the Love River became popular after lovers committed suicide in this river. The Love River was used as the official name in 1972.

From the story, the name of Love River deserve pinned because the atmosphere is romantic. After the revitalization of 1979, the river became clean, free of waste, foul smell, let alone trash.

In its development, various facilities for tourists built. Along the banks of this river, there is a wide road that can be used for jogging comfortably, pat the river overgrown with green hills.

Taiwan has Love River

There is also a bike parking lot, chairs at the edge, to the lights. Just sitting around while enjoying the beautiful scenery with the couple was already exciting. From this river, pat enjoys the city landscape reinforced Holy Rosary Cathedral to Kaohsiung Bridge.

You can also down the River of Love by boat. There is a boat rental service for tourists that can be up to 15 people.

As night comes, the atmosphere becomes more romantic with flickering lights. Many cafes are open until night with live music accompanied.