Oct 22

The Romance In France Other Than The Eiffel Tower

Rocamadour village

The atmosphere of the beautiful rolling hills and fresh matter indeed perfect for a romantic getaway. If to France, try to this one!

On holiday with the couple is indeed more fun to a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. In the Midi-Pyrénées, France, you can come to this village. Rocamadour is a village, it is located on a hill, with a beautiful panorama.

Heading to Rocamadour, the traveler is already presented with a view of the beautiful hills and valleys skipped the flow children of the Dordogne River. Attractions there is also very interesting and it’s a shame to miss.

Many tourists who come to Rocamadour and reach up to the top of the Hill. Because from this view of the village with various angles of natural beauty can be seen perfectly.

The towering cliffs add to the beauty side of one corner of the Midi-Pyrénées. Shady trees grow such as protecting the village with beautiful.

Historic buildings can also be found here. For example, various chapels and castles, which can also be used as religious tourism of the Christian.

At certain moments, a traveler can enjoy the nature of this unique countryside with the air balloon ride.

Travelers can also enjoy various corners of the village with the tourist train. With pay (Euro) 3.5, a traveler can explore a variety of destinations in the countryside.

The countryside also became a pilgrimage destination after ancient tombs found in 1166 who is believed to be the tomb of a Saint Amadour or known as “Zacchaeus”.

In the countryside, a traveler can also enjoy a variety of original culinary and shop France a variety of souvenirs and local souvenirs. Don’t forget to buy cheese and biscuits almonds, gift shop and typical Favorites of Rocamadour.